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Come On All You Ghosts (2010)

by Matthew Zapruder(Favorite Author)
3.93 of 5 Votes: 1
1556593228 (ISBN13: 9781556593222)
Copper Canyon Press
review 1: Overall, I liked it (so, a 3) with some 4- and 5-star lines and poems.-----------I mean to say that just like when I was thirteenit has been a hidden pleasure but mostly an awful paintalking to you with a voice that pretends to be shyand actually is, always in search of the questionthat might make you ask me one in return.--AglowI am a beautiful scrollon which the historyof a dynasty has been writtenin a dead languagenot even one lonely scholar knows.--After Reading Tu Fu... It'strue I fear my death, but I fearthe death of others more, because that'sa death without death through whichI must live.--Ceasing to Be
review 2: Last year I chose 15 books from the New York Times 100 notable books of 2010 list. So far I've read 5 of them with
... more reactions ranging from absolute hatred to tepid amusement. I can resist trying it again though, so this is my list of 15 books from the NYT notable books of 2011 list that I picked to add to my reading list:Angel Esmeralda -- Don DelilloLeftovers -- Tom PerrottaBuddha In The Attic -- Julie OtsukaThe Last Werewolf -- Glen DuncanMr. Fox -- Helen OyeyemiCome On All You Ghosts -- Matthew ZapruderGhost Lights -- Lydia MilletBlue Nights -- Joan DidionBeginning Of Infinity -- David DeutschBetter Angels Of Our Nature -- Steven PinkerBoy In The Moon -- Ian BrownLife Sacred And Profane -- Andrew Graham-DixonExamined Lives -- James MillerGreat Soul -- Joseph LelyveldThe Information -- James Gleick less
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diet coke DOES taste "like nothing plus the idea of chocolate."
So fucking gorgeous I can barely even stand it.
I really liked some of these poems.
Possible book for Dad gift.
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