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The Four Ms. Bradwells (2011)

by Meg Waite Clayton(Favorite Author)
3.04 of 5 Votes: 4
0345517083 (ISBN13: 9780345517081)
Ballantine Books
review 1: If people believe that "The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo" is a slow-starter, I submit this as evidence of a truly slow-starting book. I think the fact that I read it on my phone contributed to confusion, and thus general annoyance with the book. I have to believe that the real deal displays at the start of the chapter, which character is the author of that chapter. I can't tell you how hard it is to follow a story when you don't know who the heck is talking. Why the ebook didn't show that, I don't know. Yet another reason real books WIN.
review 2: I love it when the right book comes along at the right time. In the week leading up to the publication of my debut novel, "The Map of Lost Memories," I could hardly focus on anything. What I needed was the literar
... morey equivalent of my favorite comfort food ... and somehow, the gods smiled on me and delivered it in the form of "The Four Ms. Bradwells." The story of four college best friends as one of the friends, years later, is going through the appointment process for the Supreme Court, this novel reminded me of so many of my favorite authors, from Nora Ephron to Rona Jaffe. That said, it's not derivative. It just seemed, at times, as if it came from a different era ... an era when women's fiction could be serious and still light, whereas now it so often feels that the choice is either serious or "lite," with few options in between. Each night before my novel came out, I found myself looking forward to the hour or so I would spend with the four Ms. Bradwells. Of course I have my quibbles (who doesn't when reading a book?), but they're minor and don't feel worth mentioning, since for me this book achieved exactly what I needed it to - it provided comfort and a truly satisfying read. less
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Kind of boring (lots of lawyer stuff), kind of hard to follow, kind of disturbing.
I just couldn't get into this book and finally gave up
Not as interesting as I thought it would be.
Got bored with it and didn't finish
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