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The Engineered Throne (2000)

by Megan Derr(Favorite Author)
4.03 of 5 Votes: 3
review 1: Vellen is fist and formost a soldier and engineer. He never hoped nor wanted to be more or have an important position on the court. It comes as surprise that he's to marry a prince from the enemy kingdom. Not a crown prince of course, but he's going to be a part of the royal family anyway.He didn't expect it will make him responsible for the whole country, winning a war, standing unbreakable above the ruins and helping to rebuild them.I liked the story thought it could heve been better written and the miscommunication between the main characters was getting at my nerves at times.I loved the dragons, they were sweet, especially the Vellen's one.
review 2: I have read my fair share of arranged marriages and the likes in my time as an avid M/M consumer. However, m
... moreost are incredibly dull or it gets bogged down with a million side characters or it goes slightly crazy and authors throw as much bullshit as they can to make it a "dark and edgy".Megan Derr has an extensive back log and I have hardly made a dent. I'm not going go through every book she's written. After all not all are to my taste.The Engineered Throne has enough of everything in my eyes but it does lack that extra spark. The setting, the prose and the politics were very well developed. I understand those who probably read this genre more actively will find it's not as original or developed as others. However, as a novice to me it worked well. The characters were the problem, I couldn't imagine them in my head. The story took centre stage which was excellent. The characters seemed to be sacrificed. Vellem was the main character and fair enough I think he was developed but I still needed more. Peredith whilst the husband was more like a side character who popped up here or there and only more near the end of the book. The secondary characters were probably more developed that he was. I also needed more development in their bonding because tragedy doesn't equal love for me.It is a good story and the dragon in this book stole my heart. Seriously he is the cutest little mofo around. I wish I had one. less
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Wow this felt like A LOT of book! Enjoyable read. .. just felt like the story would never end.
oh oh, very good. My fingers are crossed that story will continue, I`ll love that very much :)
Бросила на половине. Ужасно.
Hmmm not bad, but I've read better
Excellent fantasy, great read.
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