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Stink And The Midnight Zombie Walk (2012)

by Megan McDonald(Favorite Author)
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1455852155 (ISBN13: 9781455852154)
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review 1: My son received this book for free at family night as his school. He's seven so zombies are only like the greatest thing ever to him right now. Bedtime came and he asked if we could read together. I told him ten minutes, with the intention of reading maybe one chapter with him and then turning out the lights and tucking him in. We both got so caught up in the book that we finished it the same night, long past bedtime. It was entertaining and even I was turning the pages, looking forward to what Stink and Webster were going to get up to next in their efforts to raise money so they could buy the fifth nightmare on zombie street book and attend the zombie walk. It held both of our interests from start to finish and that's saying something for my son. We took turns reading pag... morees and it was at a level that he could read through with ease and understand, but it wasn't a story that drove me nuts like others he likes to pick out. All in all, it was an enjoyable book and I will definitely be looking into getting him more Stink stories because I loved seeing him excited about a book. It made the book nerd in me do a happy dance.
review 2: Reason for Reading: Next in the series.Ds loves this series of books. This is the first time he did the reading aloud as his reader. They are a little hard for him and halfway through a chapter I'll take over and read a few pages for him to take a breather, then he'll finish up the chapter himself. This one was a lot of fun with the zombie theme but not having any actual supernatural events. The reading theme and the excitement over a new book in a popular series was fun as well. Not a lot to actually say in this review as we happily received everything we expected in a Stink book and enjoyed it to the max. These books are keepers on ds's shelves, which is a very highly coveted spot indeed; only a select few make the cut. Looking forward to the next book. less
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This one had us all talking "zombie talk" at the end. Good clean Zombie fun.
not a fan of stink moody BUT i love reading with my son.
My students will enjoy this book for summer book club.
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