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Minette (2013)

by Melanie Clegg(Favorite Author)
3.9 of 5 Votes: 1
Madame Guillotine
review 1: This is a 2 part book series. To be honest not sure I will read book two. I love historical fiction. I enjoy this time period but felt no connection to the characters. I think in an attempt to show their flaws, unfortunately, as a reader I was not invested or just disliked them. The amount of political intrigue and the consequences of a misstep in royal court are glossed over. The threat looms but never seems real. The same goes for the social hierarchy and change of fortunes. I would hate to think I read a whole book that was only laying the groundwork for the second book.
review 2: I have the curse. When I begin reading something I must finish it; no matter if I love or hate it. My face scowled with dread as I began reading this book, thinking the
... more curse had hit again. The beginning was a tad slow. The main protagonist expressed herself in an almost simple and cataloging manner. However, something kept me going. As the book progressed and the protagonist grew older I noticed the style evolved with her. The chapters became more detail oriented and the character herself grew more bold and filled with intrigue. Over-all i feel this book provided a rich look into a world of luxury where fashion and courtly life were priorities. From what I understand another book is due to continue the life of Minette, but seeing as how short it was, I really felt that the author could have put the two together for a more fulfilling read. less
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Life of Henrietta of England, duchess of Orléans, sister of. Charles II
Surprisingly good. This author is improving with every book.
Excellent. More please!!
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