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Vampires Of Manhattan (2014)

by Melissa de la Cruz(Favorite Author)
3.81 of 5 Votes: 2
1401324711 (ISBN13: 9781401324711)
Hyperion Books
The New Blue Bloods Coven
review 1: I enjoyed this book thoroughly. I've read the original Blue Bloods series, but I will happily confess that I much preferred this story. Perhaps because the characters are now adults and as a result the book feels more gritty.You could probably easily read the book without knowing the previous series. One of the new additions to the story has minimal knowledge of the happenings in the previous books, so I imagine a new reader would learn along with her.I had dreaded what the major arch of this series would be, concerned as to how Melissa would best herself. I needn't have worried, it was equally as creative as her rendition of vampires. And I do love how she portrays them.All in all, I would recomend this book, and have done so with my friends alrea... moredy :)
review 2: It's kind of hard to rate this book. The first half has way too much information. It tries it summarize the last Blue Bloods book, the ten years since and the characters' current situation. I would much rather have had a few pages about the war before the first chapter so it didn't get bogged down. But I loved the second half. After all the information overload stops, it's really good.Also don't read the blurb. Everything it talks about happens in the last 50 pages. Not only is it a spoiler, it's not really what the book's about. (It actually might be what the next book's about though.) less
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it set up a potentially good new series. it was soooo short though. I need more mimi time!!! :)
Awesome! It is good to see these old characters again. Can't wait for the next book. (^_^)
A non-spoilery review will be up on my blog soon! Until then, where's book two?!
I liked this book cuz of Mimi and Kingsley only.
Just when I thought it was over...
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