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Glücksklee (2012)

by Melissa Hill(Favorite Author)
3.67 of 5 Votes: 4
3499256967 (ISBN13: 9783499256967)
review 1: This genre of book isn’t really my style. I prefer romances and this was more women’s fiction with a side of romance. Other than the abundance of grammar errors I think it is worth reading if you like the genre of books. The books takes you through the summer of 3 women (Nina, Jess and Ruth) at different stages and paths in their lives. I liked how the lives of the women intertwined. There was some side stories with their friends. One in particular didn’t really get resolved but it didn’t take away from the main stories. There is some drama and conflict. There is deceit with takes away from my enjoyment of the book. I was not please with what Jess had done but in the end I was happy with the resolution. The situation with Emer and Dave was one that I know ... moreis realistic but not one that I like to have in stories I read. In the end the lives of Nina, Jess and Ruth ended on a positive note. I do recommend the book even though it’s not my cuppa tea. Outside of the grammar errors it is a well written story that I found very found easy to follow. Which can be tough for an author when there are so many story lines taking place.
review 2: It was a cute read but some of the women in the book made me want to slap them they were so infuriating at times and for thirty year old woman not very smart. It was different how the book had separate story lines that ended up meshing together which was interesting and it had some twists to it as well. The book has a lot about babies and pregnancy. Also a lot of grammar errors which could've been easily avoided by proof reading, but all in all a cute read less
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So many errors! Hard to read but good story!
quick read - a lot like Maeve Benchley
Great one. Made me cry.
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