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A Haunting At Storm House (2000)

by Merabeth James(Favorite Author)
4.03 of 5 Votes: 2
Ravynne Sisters Paranormal Mystery/Romance
review 1: This time it's Rayne Ravyanne who gets in trouble, isolated on a lighthouse island with only a dog and a sick woman. Rayne is in over her head when the evil spirit comes after her, she gets word to her sisters that she needs help. Charlie and Meg rushes to Storm Island, finding the battle between good and evil raging. As they slowly learn the truth of the past, they are able to understand the history of the lighthouse. Gracie is not all she seems, seeking revenge against Rayne. As the sisters battle the spirits, Rayne actually grows up and finds herself interested in a local man. You find yourself turning the pages,to learn the truth about the Meeker's sisters and how they connect to Rayne's past and the Captain found haunting the lighthouse.
review 2: Note to
... moreself: Think twice before reading one of the Ravynne Sisters books before going to bed! With only one truly evil entity, you'd think all the rest would more than balance it out. Not even! When Charlie started to buckle a bit, I folded completely. How Meg calls up the strength to follow her big sister down the eerie path in this book is beyond me. It was way too much fun watching Rayne evolve into the hapless mess sans designer labels and silky hair. The tennis shoes almost did me in and I so know what the frizzy hair looks and feels like. I look forward to whatever Merabeth writes next. less
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Great book and my favorite of the series. I'm looking forward to the next in the series.
Great ambiance, but writing is not as strong as some other mystery writers I've read.
Love this series!!! Amazing read!!!
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