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Fièvre à Delhi (2010)

by Meredith Duran(Favorite Author)
4.07 of 5 Votes: 3
2290016527 (ISBN13: 9782290016527)
J'ai Lu
review 1: 24. December 2014: (5 stars) One of the most original, well-written HR novels that I have read in a long time...the dialog is superb.26. December 2014: (4 stars) The plot is truly unique, the characters and relationships are realistic and likeable, the heroine is troubled--the hero is more of the emphatic type (but certainly not Beta, if you were worried). All in all, Duran did an amazing job with her debut novel, however, after spinning such an epic tale, which stretched over five years, the end seemed a little rushed. Also, the graphic nature of the novel lent it more of a Saga-Outlanderesque-personality and having the leads hook up in the end like in any old, cheesy, historical romance was extremely disappointing. Duran had the chance to have this novel classified as so... moremething more than your average bodice-ripper and it fell flat...therefore I subtract 1 star.
review 2: There were a few things that irked me about this story. First:the use of foul language. I'm no saint, but it tended to pull me out of the story. It was unnecessary. Second: how quickly this couple fell in love. Just didn't ring 100% true. They cared, and trauma of wartime instigated strong passion.. I didn't see the love. That said, the depth this story took post the frilly beginning more than made up for it. My heart ached for our heroine. I finished this book in 1 day. Could not put it down. Wonderful story! less
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Wow, it is an epic book along the lines of MM Kaye's The Far Pavilions!
I feel as if this story is not yet finished.
One of the best I have read this year!
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