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Pérfido Corazón (2000)

by Meredith Duran(Favorite Author)
3.67 of 5 Votes: 3
review 1: Meredith Duran has been on my to-read historical romance authors for quite a while so I picked up Your Wicked Heart as an e-cheapie, the prequel for her new Rules for the Reckless series.Unfortunately I was a bit underwhelmed, I was expecting a bit more substance, this seeming a bit light for my reading tastes. The heroine Amanda Thomas appeared slightly insipid and I didn't really feel the chemistry with Spencer St John, Viscount Ripton her hero who meets her under circumstances of mistaken identity. I will read the first complete book in the series however before I decide if Meredith Duran is for me.★★☆(2.5 stars)
review 2: I read this just today, and it SUCH a fun story. I love Meredith Duran's writing; she can take the commonest, most overused trope
... mores and bring them to life while entertaining the hell out of you.So this was a great premise, and there was an element of suspense kept through almost the whole thing (the motivation of the impostor viscount!). I love, again, how it was not love at first sight, and I love the development of the heroine's character (her flaw of naiveity). Duran is, as ever, splendidly accurate to historical detail -- one chilling moment (in a book full of mostly humor and romance) near the start, when the viscount actually kidnaps her from a hotel full of people by claiming she has hysteria. The storytelling is marvelous, too, with the cycle of distrust going back and forth. It's perfectly realistic, too, since they've never met before the start of the story.My only criticism is that the end was rather hastily wrapped up. I would have much preferred it if Amanda had managed to find her own living and been independent, even if in reduced circumstances, when he found her again; and I don't know if that final confrontation and proposal matched the emotional depth of the last scene between them. less
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apparently I've read this book numerous times but always forget to add it to the list!
An enjoyable bit of fluff. Nowhere near as good as regular novel-length Duran.
Nice to have a heroine that isn't the toast of the ton!
D.G.'s review sold me. ;-)
2.5/5 (C-)
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