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Brutal (2009)

by Michael Harmon(Favorite Author)
3.7 of 5 Votes: 3
0375940995 (ISBN13: 9780375940996)
Knopf Books for Young Readers
review 1: I haven't read a good book is SO long. . .and after reading this one, I can still make that statement as a true one. This book (on the Teen Reads list) is awful. It has everything I don't like: foul language, a teenager who is smarter than every adult in her life, and a convenient plot deus ex machina (that's when a plot is concluded in a way this is unpredictable, improbable, and unsatisfying). I don't know what Harmon intended the purpose of this book to be, but I see nothing about the story that could possibly be construed as helpful to any teen who reads it. Bullying (the causes, symptoms, and prevention) and the victims of bullies are topics that deserve better treatment than this.
review 2: Poe is sent to live with a father she doesn't know, her mother is
... more off to save the world. Poe loves the punk look, music and life style of L. A., she's street smart and pretty much takes care of herself. She's used to standing up for what she believes, whether it's right or wrong, and she's pretty sure that some of the things that go on at the high school in Bender's hollow, need to change. The school is proud of its intolerance for bullying and professes fairness and equality. It soon becomes evident that a select few can do whatever they want and that the adults ignore or even approve the harassing and bullying. Poe decides it's up to her to change the system. I liked the premise of the book and the humor added to make it a quick read with a moral. less
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Vicious bully, punk chick with a mouth, and an endearing headcase.
I felt like this book moved a little to slow for me.
I really liked the strong female main character.
Sequoyah Nominee: 2011-2012 (High School)
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