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The Chamber Of Five (2011)

by Michael Harmon(Favorite Author)
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0375866442 (ISBN13: 9780375866449)
Knopf Books for Young Readers
review 1: In the exclusive Lambert School for the Gifted, the Chamber of Five is in control. Members are chosen from the children of the wealthiest donors and they rule the school employing very questionable tactics. When Jason, the son of a Congressman, becomes the newest member of the group he begins to question everything -- why the Chamber exists and why the school administration and parents allow it. When his father tries to explain that money and power control everything -- in school and in life -- Jason decides to try to change things.It's difficult to explain this book without giving away too many of the twists and turns in the plot, but just know that this is a fast-paced, tense story. Although the actions sanctioned by the "Five" are greatly exaggerated and it is hard ... moreto believe they would be overlooked by parents and staff (at least I HOPE no one would overlook them), somehow it's believable. I was on the edge of my seat the whole time. Several scenes are definitely cringe-inducing. The plot builds to a heart-stopping climax. The ending is believable. The message is clear, but never overly didactic. I will definitely be recommending this book to my high school students.Note - as with all Harmon's books, there is profanity and some sexual conversation. This book is intended for high school and older students.
review 2: Jason Weatherby belongs in the world of Lambert School for the Gifted. His dad is a Congressman and has paid for Jason's spot among the powerful. However, Jason also knows that he does not like the corrupt nature of the school's club system, especially when intelligent people like Elvis are blackballed for being poor. Working from within, Jason vows to bring down the system. A run of the mill thriller, this mainly stands out as a good action suspense novel for male readers in a field that has had few titles this season. The power play with sexuality is a bit uncomfortable, but also tied into the plot arch. Even though good wins out, there are tense moments of wonder. For older readers. less
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was a good quick read. some parts were irrelevant but it was a fun book. Inspired great discussion.
A good beginning book for those not quite ready for the Chocolate War.
It really shows how unjust our society can be.
review to come in VOYA
Back to the YA grind.
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