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Schandtat (2010)

by Michael Harmon(Favorite Author)
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3570306534 (ISBN13: 9783570306536)
review 1: Bullying. Conformity. What is right. Rage. Cliques. Fitting into the right crowd. Rage clearing a path of hatefulness. Michael Harmon's text is truly Brutal in the sense that he is not afraid to hit these issues head on. While you are exposed to the graphic results of bullying in a upper crust school, you also see how one individual's bravery in the midst of others who turn a blind eye, starts to change things, amid much chaos and stress to those around. Yet, it happens. All the while in seeing Poe as an unbelievably strong female protagonist, she is faced with adversity, faults of her own due to her rage, and yet a yearning for simply change to even the playing field. All the right themes, conflicts, and facades that move you past what seems as a com... morepletely boring change of pace, which turns out to be not so boring at all. The combination of life lessons, social constructs, and simply human nature makes this a success. A little slow at first, Harmon's tale picks up full speed and drags you along as you try to stand on two feet by the end of his novel. You feel exhausted with the characters by the end after so much has had to happen for a positive change, and yet, that is what life is all about :)
review 2: Reading this book was like watching a train wreck. I could not take my eyes away. Even though I wanted to dislike the very unlikable Poe, I found myself really paying attention to her. By the author's very insistent design.Although I personally felt bludgeoned by Mr. Author's very insistent message, I feel that every teenager should read this one before they end up as lamps.Bullying, violence, rigged system, rigged rules -- all true. less
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this book was so easy to read because it kept me hooked. I couldn't put it down!
This is a must read for all teachers and admin.
very very good. made me want to keep reading.
it could be better
Great book!!
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