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Under The Bridge (2012)

by Michael Harmon(Favorite Author)
4.11 of 5 Votes: 2
0375966463 (ISBN13: 9780375966460)
Knopf Books for Young Readers
review 1: A group of skateboarders in Spokane, Washington spend their free time in a skateboard park located under a freeway overpass. They have sworn an oath to stay drug-free after the overdose death of one of their good friends. The informal leader of the group is Tate and he is protective of his younger brother Indy. His brother is a bit of a rebel and ends getting kicked out by their dad for missing school and being disrespectful. When his brother starts dealing and using drugs Tate fights to save his brother from a psychopathic drug dealer. This is a gritty, realistic picture of dysfunctional families, the misuse of violence, and ultimately what holds a family together.
review 2: Tate's younger brother Indy is a talented skater slacker. After pissing his dad
... moreoff one time too many, Indy is kicked out and turns to the dark side. Tate braves drug dealers, late night party scenes, and his dad's intolerance to save his brother. While I liked other books of this type somewhat better - Stick by Andrew Smith, & What Happened by Peter Johnson - this one with its' inclusion of skater slang & culture is a good one to keep in mind. less
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I cried many times mostly because I could relate to the drugs and suicide references.
Pub Date Nov 13 2012
3.5 stars
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