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The Real Kosher Jesus: Revealing The Mysteries Of The Hidden Messiah (2012)

by Michael L. Brown(Favorite Author)
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1621360075 (ISBN13: 9781621360070)
review 1: This book probably represents Dr. Brown's greatest work. It is a compelling book. The chapter on the "Invisible God Can Be Seen" is a wonderful presentation of the Mystery of the Unity of God Dr. Brown's material on understanding the perspective of the apostle Paul as A devout Jew with a unique calling is much-needed! All in all this book is an excellent read and is recommended for anybody who wants to understand the Jewishness of faith in Messiah,and better understand their faith in Messiah be he/seed Jew or Gentile.
review 2: He writes to simply for me to give it more than a 2 star review...He basically just quoted every other messianic / Hebrew roots scholar and slapped the best pages of their work into this book..Flusser,Younge etc...boring. Much better boo
... moreks out there!Christianity: New Roman Religion or Sect of Biblical Judaism? is a better book for the messianic apologetic looking for more information. And Jesus Didn't Have Blue Eyes: Reclaiming Our Jewish Messiah? I really like Dr. Brown to..but it was a dry read. less
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This book will change your view about Jesus/Yeshua and a true understanding of our jewish messiah.
Excellent scholarship, fairly interesting read.
Lots of good stuff in this one.
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