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Cyberionage (2000)

by Michael P. Elias(Favorite Author)
3.47 of 5 Votes: 4
review 1: "Cyberionage" is a modern-day thriller that is set in Israel. The main character is Moti Kidron, an Israeli soldier who goes on to serve in both special forces and the Mossad. He is a genius in the field of computer science. The story takes the reader from a skirmish between the IDF and Hamas to the brink of nuclear war.I enjoyed the premise and the plot of this novel. It was modern and timely. I haven't read anything even similar to this storyline. Elias does solid work weaving the story from Moti's point of view through a roughly 20 year period.While I enjoyed the plot, the characters left a lot to be desired. As a reader, I couldn't connect to Moti. While I wanted to root for him, I found it hard to do because there was no connection. The side characters were f... moreleeting with no real depth to them. Elias tried to put a romance angle in with Moti and his girlfriend Yasmine, but there really wasn't any thing to that line of thought. It could have been developed into a deeper subplot but wasn't.The other thing that I found annoying was the lack of editing. Typos, incorrect words, and poor formatting were evident. While these things didn't detract from my reading, I can see how they would detract for others. There were also details that Elias included in the novel that changed a page later. For example, Elias talked about Obama carrying a BlackBerry and the president in the novel following his lead with an Android device. On the next page, he talks about the president's iPhone vibrating in his pocket.With a little polish work, this is a 4-star novel. I would recommend it to others with the caveat about the editing issues.
review 2: Couldn’t Put It DownThe cyber war theme creates a new niche for thriller writers. Cyberionage (A Mystery, Espionage, and Cyber War Thriller) fills the bill well. However, the tone of the prose comes off a bit mundane in the opening of the book, the story advances in many complex and highly plausible directions. Unlike other reviewers which felt the story to be far fetched, this reader thought the insidious use of the Millennium Bug to infiltrate computer systems world wide presented the first plausible explanation of that previously inexplicable problem. All of the headlines today talk about data collection on a massive scale by the US of A. It is highly probable that less wealthy governments have manipulated these systems to gain illicit benefit.That said, the pages spent explaining stochastic mathematics and generally statistical methodologies took up much too much of the narrative. The underlying love story intrigued and satisfied me in the ending. If anything, the up to the last second ending seemed unlikely, but certainly did not stop me reading. I was glued to the book to the end. A beta-reader or two might have corrected some of at least the glaring typos and missing words. More from this writer will certainly interest me. less
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Read this book in a day & a half. Excellent!!! They should make it into a movie!!!
Interesting and pretty good - not great but different enough to be interesting
I thoroughly enjoyed this read.
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