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Orphan Of Destiny (2010)

by Michael P. Spradlin(Favorite Author)
4.14 of 5 Votes: 4
0399247653 (ISBN13: 9780399247651)
Putnam Juvenile/G.P. Putnam's Sons/Penguin Young Readers Group
The Youngest Templar
review 1: This final book in the trilogy of Tristan, the young squire to a Templar Knight, takes an interesting turn. Tristan somewhat gets sidelined in his story, so another character can take center stage in what becomes an origin story for Robin Hood. Tristan's friend and traveling companion, Robard Hode, finally makes it home to Sherwood Forest. Along the way, Robard, Tristan, and their final traveling mate, Maryam, who I assume becomes Maid Marian, pick up new companions who all become members of Robin Hood's Merry Men. Don't get me wrong. I enjoyed this little detour, but during the first two books, this was really Tristan's story of how he was to get the Holy Grail back to Scotland and out of the hands of dangerous men. That story does get a satisfying conclusion with the req... moreuisite bad guys meeting their fates and the good guys getting closure and send offs worthy of these books.I did enjoy the entire series and welcome them on the shelves of my classroom library. I am sure my students will enjoy them. I sure did.
review 2: I really enjoyed this series...it had good action, characters I enjoyed, villains I hated, twisting plots, some historical fiction (heavy on the fiction!)...it was just a lot of fun. There are 3 books in the series, but I wouldn't be surprised if the author writes another one. It was left open enough that the story could continue. Was this amazing writing, maybe not, but I enjoyed the storyline and felt caught up in the adventure! I might change a few things about the ending, but I can't complain too much. A great book for 5th grade and up. Especially for those who like the Ranger's Apprentice series. less
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Excellent end to the series. Loved the twists on the Robin Hood tale.
It's not out yet! No! I am really looking forward to reading this!
The last book, was very good, but the first was the best!
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