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Abuse Of Power (2011)

by Michael Savage(Favorite Author)
3.54 of 5 Votes: 5
0312651619 (ISBN13: 9780312651619)
St. Martin's Press
Jack Hatfield
review 1: This is a thriller from the right...a bit like a Tom Clancy novel but with less techno-porn. The bad guys are Muslim terrorists and the target is an America that has lost its way, too soft, dismissive of the values that made it great. The real enemies of the George Soros of the world, a thinly described George Soros I might add. A truth telling journalist, Jack Hatfield, uncovers a vicious plot to slam San Francisco with a 9/11 style attack, but much worse. He has to penetrate several layers of badness and double dealing to make it home to the real truth but even then....well that would be telling. Savage can build a plot, but is characterization is a bit weak...but the story moves...
review 2: Michael Savage is a well- known talk show host and author. I have r
... moreead some of his nonfiction books and truly enjoyed them.This fiction novel was a page turner from the start. I could have lived without the explicit language and numerous romantic encounters though. However, I like how he weaved in real-life current events into the plots and characters.One needs to be a savage regular to truly understand and capture some of his satire and conservative viewpoints in this book. All in all it is a good read. less
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Interesting but complicated and long-winded and I felt it dragged in places.
Listening to the unabridged audio version
Really well written, fast paced read
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