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Ghost Moth (2013)

by Michele Forbes(Favorite Author)
3.46 of 5 Votes: 2
0143189395 (ISBN13: 9780143189398)
Penguin Canada
review 1: This is Michele Forbes first novel and I had heard very good things about it so decided to read it. It's about a woman who in the first chapter is on a family outing by the ocean and almost drowns, later the book transitions between present day and her youth. We find out she had a lover and she has quite a few regrets about her life. I loved discovering her relationship with her daughters and with her lover in her youth meanwhile learning about unsettling events involving riots in Ireland. So these are all positive however, I must say that I was somewhat disappointed in the ending. I felt I wanted the author to bring some closure to some of the issues that the main character was dealing with, with respect to her lover and it ends with her youngest daughter and well th... moree moths... it just didn't do it for me. It looks like the novel was a hit with most readers here. The more I think about it, I think an ending with more insight into her relationship with Tom would have been better. Maybe when she dies she sees Tom again for me would be more appropriate than just the daughter and the moths... Again, it is a first novel and I applaud her for writing and taking that first leap. Most brilliant authors wrote more than one novel before they wrote something totally amazing. I was just a bit let down.... Sorry to all the readers who thought it was just amazing, its just my humble opinion.
review 2: For a first novel Michele Forbes has done really well. She is beautifully descriptive in her writing and poignant to the very end. However, I felt that something was lacking throughout - the reader moved from one event to the next, almost cramming in as much action as you could into the short novel; characters were never really fleshed out; Tom was perceived to be a much bigger character in the beginning then he truly ended up being, and he was the most interesting to me. Overall, got me teary but fairly anti-climactic. less
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A wnderful little book about love, loyalty and family. Enjoyed it a lot.
Beautiful and tragic. The final 50 pages gutted me.
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