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Dark Harmony (2014)

by Michele Scott(Favorite Author)
3.93 of 5 Votes: 4
147784726X (ISBN13: 9781477847268)
Fairmont Riding Academy
review 1: Engaging story that takes off where the last book left off. If you love horses and mysteries this book will definitely hold you attention. Love this book! I can not wait for the next one in the series. Silent Harmony was suspenseful and dark Harmony was even better. This book is very cliff hanging .couldn't put down. I would highly suggest this book to people who love mystery's and horses. Will defiantly be picking up the last book in the series and can't wait to see how it all ties together.
review 2: I was lucky enough to get this book in a goodreads giveaway. I couldn't read it though, because I didn't have the first one. :)This book is about Vivviene Taylor, a girl who can talk to horses and they talk back to her. She goes to Fairmont Riding Academy where
... more she trains on her horse Harmony. But training isn't all she does at Fairmont. When her best friend goes missing and she suspects her boyfriend is being abused, Vivviene tries to talk to the horses to find out the truth. However, she is having trouble speaking to them and she begins thinking her power is fading.I really like this book because it had a ton of dramatic irony. Scott gave you the full picture while leaving the characters in the dark. I also liked how she managed to create suspense in the novel.To be honest with myself, I didn't have a single thing against it. The only thing I didn't like was how she ended it with a cliffhanger. less
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It was good but not nearly as fantastic as the first book.
Food book for anyone who loves horses.
Great book!
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