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Silent Harmony (2013)

by Michele Scott(Favorite Author)
3.82 of 5 Votes: 5
1477817131 (ISBN13: 9781477817131)
Fairmont Riding Academy
review 1: Plot: There was a lot going on in this book. The main mystery was interesting, but there were a lot of questions that never got resolved. The plot was entertaining in a ridiculous, soap opera kind of way. I did feel like the resolution of the mystery was a bit rushed and didn't necessarily make the most sense.Characters: I wanted to like Vivienne. Her ability to communicate with horses was cool, and she really loved the animals. But I just couldn't make myself like her. Overall I felt like the characterization of most of the characters was inconsistent. Martina was the only character I really liked. Overall: The writing style was what really kept me from enjoying this book. I had a big issue with the fact that Vivienne's chapters were in 1st person while Riley and Tristan'... mores chapters were in 3rd person - it made the transition between chapters really jarring. I also felt like the writing style was very stilted and more suited to a children's chapter book - but the content of this book was definitely for teenagers, not kids. The crazy plot was entertaining, but the writing kept me from really engaging with it.
review 2: 3.5 StarsVivienne Taylor is 17 years old and is the equivalent of a teenage Horse Whisperer/Dr. Doolittle/Psychic to the Equine - she has a special connection with them and they have one with her. Her mom is also a vet. Vivienne wins a scholarship to prestigious Fairmont Riding Academy. She is really sad to leave her mom and little brother, but she has dreams of going to the Olympics some day. When she arrives, she finds that the schools vet has been murdered. She also winds up becoming becomes the target of the snooty spoiled rich girls. She does manage to make some friends, Riley and Tristan, who have secrets of their own, and her new horse, Harmony, is the only one she can't read. When Vivienne learns that Harmony belonged to the murdered vet, it adds even more mystery to drama that is now Vivienne's life. I found Silent Harmony to be an enjoyable read for the most part, geared definitely more toward teenage readers. There is some language and sexual references, which I didn't have a problem with at all, but parents may want to consider if their young teen is going to be reading it. There is quite a bit of drama and conflict that goes on, but when you have teenagers, I think that is pretty much expected. The only thing that threw me off a little was that the story though mainly from Vivienne's POV, which is in the first person, but did have chapters that were from Riley and Tristan's POV, which were third person, and it was kind of confusing. On a positive note there is romance, mystery, suspense, and drama, which young readers are sure to enjoy and is something that again, would appeal mainly to the 14/15 to 18 age group, in my opinion. less
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Perfect for the 12 to 15 set. Horses and romance. What could be better.
I'm a sucker for horse books. I must read this!
What a great book. :-) On to the next one.
great book
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