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A Vintage Murder (2008)

by Michele Scott(Favorite Author)
3.55 of 5 Votes: 3
0425222543 (ISBN13: 9780425222546)
A Wine Lover's Mystery
review 1: It was a quick read. And enjoyable as well. I have read a couple of the other books in the series, and was happy that Nikki chose Derek. I was rooting for them. Back to the book, I found that everything went smoothly until Nikki was offered the part in the movie. It wasn’t a surprise, considering the blurb. But Derek’s reaction was…not the initial one, the one after, I didn’t see that coming. Nikki was her usual curious self, wanting to investigate and wanting “to help” to detective in charge. With all the drama that was happening, the scene stealer was Simon. I just love him!I was surprised on who the killer was, it just felt strange. I’m usually pretty good on catching them early but not this one. Oh well, maybe next time.
review 2: For me, the
... moreauthor spends too much time running around in the protagonist's head and not enough time moving the action forward. Things do eventually happen, after much cerebral agonizing. Love the recipes and wine pairings. I wish we could actually experice a meal now and then, perhaps with an explanation of why this particular wine is a good choice with this particular meal. For someone who is pretty naive about wines, I'd find this entertaining. less
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Another in the Wine Lovers Mystery Series. Good, fun, quick read.
Nikki finally gets her man.
too boring to finish
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