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The Perfect Prince (2004)

by Michelle M. Pillow(Favorite Author)
3.97 of 5 Votes: 2
1460958039 (ISBN13: 9781460958032)
The Raven Books
Dragon Lords
review 1: Prince number two, Olek, has a lighter, more mischievous personality. Still for Nadja, when she finds out he is a Prince, not a common farmer or country doctor who will keep her anonymity, the beginning of their relationship will be the last if she has any say.However, after the mating traditions are met she has little say. Nadja knew she was getting on a Brides ship. It was her only option as she escapes from her tyrannical father and the man he has chosen for her husband. Their fierce desire is difficult to fight and even when they begin to give in enemies of the state intrude. They come to terms and live in relative companionship. She begins to thaw and her fear lessons as she learns what a good man he is. But honesty is important and he continues to protect he by... more keeping things from her.Their struggle and family ties are endearing, frustrating and very hot. Mouth watering guys, gorgeous women, war, warriors, enemies and hidden secrets. This one has it all. Good read.
review 2: I skimmed this. I thought this was a pretty sweet story. It wasn't as hot as I thought it would be, but oh well. Although this isn't my favorite book by this author, I think it is still pretty good. This is my first book with the couples from four books all meeting their mates at once and having all of their stories overlap so early in the series.A girl wants to get away from her engagement and her evil dad by running away. The first ship leaving is a Galaxy Brides ship. She was also running from her tyrannical father. She can't even eat chocolate because of her strict diet. She went without sleep or food for three days for eating a small piece of chocolate. Her mother is nothing but an ornament her father her father married for her beauty and helps her maintain. She goes onboard and meets a few friends. (One of those girls is the female lead in The Savage King by this author.) When the girls meet the guys for the first time, the guys are masked, but the crystals around their necks guide them to their future wives. She had been hoping for a non-famous guy so that she can hide. The night before they are joined, they can "discover" each other but not climax. The guy avoids sex because it would be too easy to climax then. The next day, after they are joined forever, she finds out he is a prince and is outraged. This means her name and picture will be known throughout the galaxy and her dad can find her. Even though they have great chemistry, she is scared of her feelings for him and hates that he didn't tell her he is a prince. She is the daughter of a doctor, albeit evil doc, so she is good at chemistry and healing. She has earned the respect of the villagers by healing some of them and was able to create a remedy for the plants in the forest that causes people to fall asleep. The couple were about to have sex many times but they always kept getting interrupted. Since the male lead is the ambassador, she wants to help him so she becomes an ambassador-in-training. She is a studious person and is learning the Draig's language. Because of her dad, she has developed a really calm and cool demeaned she uses if she needs to. The male lead is often frustrated when she becomes externally emotionless. The other princes are not in happy marriages, but the queen helps resolve some problems. The females all become friends. There were many attacks on Olena. When she is hit with a poisoned dart, the female lead recognizes it from the black market of the medical mafia, in which her dad is in charge of. She had often smuggled the arrow in hair across heck points. She knows the arrow is a message from her father. She pretends she hates her husband because she knows her father is watching. She leaves the castle and goes to her father in the forest. When he makes her torture Olena, she kills her father instead. Right before she did that, she told her father she loves him. Right before he died, he said he forgave her. I love how this is a complicated relationship because she still loves her father. Her father may have not wanted to do some of the evil things he did for the sake of the mafia and he probably genuinely loves his daughter. All four of the princesses are pregnant now. In the end, since her father is dead, she became the head of the family and disbands it. She tells them to tell her mother that her father died honorably, even though it is a lie. I love her line about how she was the only person who was able to kill her dad without any backlash. The ending was cute.“Her hands roamed over his shoulders and suddenlyshe flinched, realizing the hilt of his sword waspoking her in the upper thigh."Ow, your sword," she replied, swinging her legsback around to the ground. Olek chuckled. Whenshe was safely landed, he let her go and unstrappedthe weapon from his waist.”......“Nadja licked her lips and squirmed naughtilyagainst him. Softly, she answered, "I think yoursword is poking me again."Olek growled, "Keep moving like that wife, and itwill be sure to impale you."Nadja’s laughter was cut off by her Prince’s kiss.She clung onto him, taking everything he gave her.Her life was perfect. He was perfect. And, as hecarted her off to his bed, she hoped he never let hergo.” less
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