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Brave Girl: Clara And The Shirtwaist Makers' Strike Of 1909 (2013)

by Michelle Markel(Favorite Author)
4.16 of 5 Votes: 5
0061804428 (ISBN13: 9780061804427)
Balzer + Bray
review 1: Picture it, your sailing to America in the early 1900's. Suddenly you see the Statue of Liberty... a symbol of a better life to come. You get off the boat and all your dreams come true. You are working long hours in deplorable conditions at a garment factory. Be careful, if you prick your finger on a needle and bleed on the fabric, you pay for it. Not to mention if you are late, you only get half your pay for the day, which isn't much anyways. What's a poor immigrant with little English to do? Brave Girl is a factual story about Clara Lemlich, an immigrant from the Ukraine with a determination that cannot be stopped for women's rights and the organization of unions during the industrial age. I enjoyed the story as well as the illustrations. The mixed media artwork with hin... morets of sewing theme materials, such as thread, patterns, and textiles woven in as framing give an added touch to subject of the story. Furthermore, the additional information on the garment industry provided by the author enhances the perspective of the dreadful working conditions before unions and stricter government work regulations and codes.
review 2: This biography of Clara Lemlich highlights the determination of a fearless women union worker. Clara traveled to America with her family in search of the American Dream. Little did she know, she would be told to give up everything she valued to be important just to survive. Clara went above and beyond to live her life how she felt she deserved. Clara became one of the most successful union leaders of her time, fighting for what was right. less
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A great story of a brave girl who changed the world. Illustrations add to the story.
A good book on the strike of women working in the early 1900's.
The ending gave me chills! :)
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