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Hibernation Station (2010)

by Michelle Meadows(Favorite Author)
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1416937889 (ISBN13: 9781416937883)
Simon & Schuster Books for Young Readers
review 1: Meadows, Michelle. Hibernation Station (2010). The animals are preparing for hibernation, little pajamas and all. Meadows introduces a scientific concept – hibernation in a silly and fun manner. However, it does not run so smoothly. It plays on what young children similarly experience. It is a parallel to bedtime for many children: someone’s hungry, someone spilled their water, or someone is scared. Two bears are in charge – this makes sense because bears are the most known animals that hibernate. They play an authority figure to help get all the animals to their destination – which is in a hibernation state. The snuggly animals are illustrated on the warmer side of the color scheme – to play on that it’s bedtime. There are rhyming words and short sentences on ... moreeach page. The book is aimed at younger elementary school children. Primary elementary school children will appreciate the Author’s Note on various types of hibernation. This added informational piece would appeal to their inquisitive nature. Ages: 3 – 6 years old.
review 2: Hibernation Station is a cozy, good-feeling illustrated book that provides a fictional reason for where the animals go when the winter comes. It features each animal getting on the train to hibernate and finding something not quite right with their log car. As the illustrations progress, readers can witness the change of the seasons from leaves littering the ground to snow falling from the sky. The idea of this book is adorable including the wooden train tracks weaving throughout the forrest as the bear conductors engineer the trian of logs down the railway.This book would be fun to use in late fall or early winter, perhaps after the hype of Halloween and Thanksgiving has died down. In the class you could use it as a creative writing/drawing project by choosing an animal to put on the train and what they would complain about. Although the idea behind the story provides little fact, the very last page gives an accurate description and explanation for what hibernation really is. less
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Gives children information about where animals hibernate.
loved the illustrations,but not so crazy about the text.
Aaaaaa------dorable. Seriously. So cute.
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