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The Kanellis Scandal (2011)

by Michelle Reid(Favorite Author)
3.42 of 5 Votes: 5
0373237839 (ISBN13: 9780373237838)
review 1: I do not understand why I put off reading this book for so long!! Ms Michelle Reid! May you live long!! Such a heart warming read. Zoe was determined to hate the man who took her father's place after he left home and rejected his inheritance. After the death of her parents, leaving her custody of her baby brother, her grandfather whom she's never met before sent his lawyer, Anton Pallis whom she had every intention of hating as he was the adopted son of her grandfather after her father left home. But from the moment their eyes met, the attraction between these two was super electric. Anton was such an arrogant gentleman at the same time. Loved himThis is a must read! I tell you. Loved how Anthony was willing to stand by Zoe against her grandfather even though he's only kno... morewn her a week!! A Beautiful read.. Not the best of Michelle Reid.. But definitely one of the best! Loved it! :-)
review 2: I really liked this story! It's a bit different from the other books I have gobbled up lately and that was definitely a good thing. After a few, the books have started to leave me a bit unsatisfied by being seemingly the same with different character names. This, however, caught my attention and I didn't stop reading until I finished it.Watching Zoe struggle to take over care for her newly born brother while having the press hound her made for a very captivating story. I felt for her and I was glad when Anton came in and saved her. I loved watching the struggle with these two fight their feelings for each other and stumble around in their lives trying to figure everything out. I haven't read a Michelle Reid book before, but I'm sold! I'm a big fan of anything Harlequin and I will be in search for more reading from the author in hopes of more great stories like this one. less
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This was a recommend that I thoroughly enjoyed. Reid at her best!
I really liked the heroine in this one.
Ok, but not one of her better books.
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