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I Met Him In The Ladies' Room (2000)

by Michelle Stimpson(Favorite Author)
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review 1: Light, easy reading. Somewhat simplistic in its portrayal of salvation � if taken as truth, could lead one to believe that (1) simply quoting a "sinner's prayer" without any meaning is enough or (2) that strong emotions are always attached to a "real" salvation experience. Also, there was no real portrayal of the difference that Christ made in these 2 ladies' lives. Eye-opening reminder of the truly difficult backgrounds that some have been reared in. Fun, easy read.
review 2: What happens when someone who knows nothing about God, the Bible or church in general goes for an interview at a mega-church? They pretend to know the Lord in order to get the job and well, the rest is what Michelle Stimpson explains in this hilarious, yet real-life novella, I Met Him
... morein the Ladies’ Room. I loved how real the main character’s voice was and how genuine her questions aboutA funny, quick read.things “church folks” take for granted were asked. This book made me laugh out loud several times as I read and made me realize just how far I’ve come in my Christian walk. I knew the book was a novella, but I sure was disappointed when it ended.I would recommend this book for a quick read on a lazy day or a day when you need to laugh. You may realize you have some of the same questions Kerri did.Not quite a review per se, but it was a good novella. If I say too much I’ll give the book away. If you know of any unsaved, unchurched people who like to read, tell them to consider this one.Worth the money.Worth the time.Buy the book. less
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A giggle to read and made me aware of how much I take for granted about my faith
Good to see there's a part 2. This is a 30 minute read - novella?
Short yet funny! Really enjoyed the humor and the message.
very cute novella
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