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Miss Dimple Picks A Peck Of Trouble (2014)

by Mignon F. Ballard(Favorite Author)
3.58 of 5 Votes: 5
1250035627 (ISBN13: 9781250035622)
Minotaur Books
Miss Dimple Kilpatrick
review 1: Story is based on the events in a small town about 1944. a young lady disappears and is found later dead. Characters come together to find out who and why and as a result one other person dies. It is a good narration of the time. I like the people and small town life set in Georgia an hour outside of Atlanta in the heat of summer. food and gas rations. People do want they can and also wait for news of their loved ones fighting the War.
review 2: As World War II drags on, the people in Elderberry have something additional to worry about--the sudden disappearance of beautiful young Prentice. When her body is found, police suspect her ex-boyfriend Clay; Clay suspects the shadowy figure that caused their breakup. Beloved first grade teacher Miss Dimple Kilpatr
... moreick, however, wonders whether the recent death of Prentice's beloved babysitter has anything to do with the murder. less
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Cute little mystery set in the south during the second world war. Book four in the series.
Another good well written light mystery read.
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