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It’s less than two weeks until Christmas which means its time to start stressing about presents, but don’t fear I’ve got you covered! I’ve listed some amazing books that will make the perfect Christmas presents for the book lover in your life.

For the twisted true crime lover: Little Monsters by Kara Thomas



Kacey has finally found a home, she has parents, siblings, a job, and two best friends she does everything with. But what starts with a harmless séance, ends with one of her friends missing and Kacey learning that she can’t trust anyone.

This is a psychological thriller that sets an insanely high standard for YA thrillers. It’s filled with twists and turns and will have you frozen in shock at the end. You can read my full review of Little Monsters by clicking here.


For the hopeless romantic: Geekerella by Ashley Poston

geekerella review


Alle Elle wants is to go ExcelsiCon, but with an evil stepmother and stepsisters in her way, her geeky dreams seem hopeless.

Geekerella is a modern retelling of Cinderella with a fangirl twist. Its cute, fun, romantic, and the perfect binge read.




For the paranormal addict: True Blood by Charlaine Harris


Sookie is just a small town waitress who likes to keep to herself. Sure, she can read minds, but other than that her life is pretty normal. Until mysterious Bill shows up and Sookie’s life is never normal again.

These books are just a whole lot of fun, a little weird, but very fun. The series consists of thirteen short and adventure filled books that will keep you entertained for ages.



For the fantasy obsessed: The Final Empire by Brandon Sanderson


It’s time to change the world, a world where the rich play twisted games, ash falls from the sky, and evil won. But can magic and a handful of people really take down the darkness for good?

Brandon Sanderson is the king of fantasy, his world building, characters, and stories will blow your mind and make you feel everything at once.




A Random Recommendation: Never Apart by Romily Bernard


What would you do if you were stuck, stuck in a loop where there is always one ending. Your best friend chases you, your boyfriend dies, and you start it all over again.

This is such a unique and interesting story, one that ends in a way that you never expect. You start towards the end of the story and move your way through the past and present to uncover the complex truth.



What are some book’s that you would recommend, let me know down below! And Merry Christmas!

All books mentioned above can be purchased with free shipping by clicking here.



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