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The Ghosts Of Havana (2011)

by Mike Dennis(Favorite Author)
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Mike Dennis
Key West Nocturnes
review 1: This is the second book of Mike Dennis’ Key West Nocturne series – and it’s terrific. The novel centers on a bar owner who is not above some mild extortion of his workers when they try to borrow money from him, a not exactly lily white capitalist with a strong distrust of government, who finds himself drawn into a complex and dangerous world of dark secrets, deadly vendettas and political intrigue all seeming to stem from the disastrous Bay of Pigs Invasion. It begins when his singer, Olivia, who has been forced to work days as a stripper in a competing club to pay off her debt to the “hero” is murdered. Olivia’s sister, Elena, appears, and the rest of the novel deals with the pair trying to stay alive and solve the mystery of Olivia’s and,it turns out, he... morer grandfather’s murder, thirty years earlier.To reveal more would be to spoil a tight, hard-boiled, genuinely suspenseful descent into contemporary Noir. Although profane with more than a few “f bombs” dropped in the opening chapters, the prose is excellent – vivid and concise, what most writers should be striving for. A compulsive, compelling, hard-boiled page-turner.
review 2: Hummm. Ok book, certainly quick to read since there's not much to remember and try to put together. Not real sure I like the main character, Robbie, too much. He's not the kind of guy I would hang with. Too violent, will kill or set up a kill with little thought. Further he lends money at an alarming rate of interest, a Shylock. Kind of hard to find some kinred spirit here. Have to say that I did enjoy the scenery around Key West which was one of the reasons I got the book. That and it was free on Kindle so I don't feel like I wasted money; as it was, just a little bit of time.This was book number two; not sure I'll download book number one in the series. Just wasn't all that good to read more of. And I might be the only person on Goodreads to have read it. That will tell you something! less
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Takes place in Key West; so interesting characters. Fast moving with a surprising twist at the end!
Quick read, I enjoyed the book tho I thought the safe deposit box contents were a bit contrived.
whatever. just Finnished as quick as i could
comfortable read. held my interest
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