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Redoubtable (2010)

by Mike Shepherd(Favorite Author)
4.04 of 5 Votes: 4
0441019560 (ISBN13: 9780441019564)
Kris Longknife
review 1: Man, I keep reading these books, and being frustrated by the copy editing. (Just because the word is spelled correctly and has similar letters doesn't make it the right word, argh.) But I continue to buy these books - yes, I own the whole run - because there is a Pretty Good Book aching to get out of all of these books. (If only someone could put in *question marks*. Or to remind the author that Kris is still injured after the first 50 pages.)The story arc with the teenager is not nearly as annoying as last time. I *did* have trouble keeping everyone's computer's names straight - there's a lot of characters, with the doubling. But some things moved forward (although some didn't). Minor plot annoyances, but nothing too drastic happened. Although if Jack marries someo... morene outside the core group, I am pretty sure I *will* quit the series, gods. But...as yet I guess I'm still reading them.
review 2: At first I didn't know what "Redoubtable" meant - so after looking it up in the dictionary I decided that the title was exactly right. It mean a formidable opponent. And Kris Longknife certainly lives up to that name. This book had tons of action, lots more than the last in the series. Some of it was a little gory though, but in worlds without laws and morals... you get the picture. This series is still going strong, but I can't help but be disappointed that there is absolutely NO romance involved. I know Kris cares for Jack and he for her - but it is absolutely going nowhere. Maybe in the next book... less
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Kris didn't start a lot of wars in this one. Maybe the author was giving her a break!
the Longknife series continues with another great installment from Mike Shepherd.
Quite good, the whole series is truly enjoyable.
Next book "Daring" due out in Nov 2011.
These books are always fun
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