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An Autumn Crush (2011)

by Milly Johnson(Favorite Author)
3.96 of 5 Votes: 3
184983203X (ISBN13: 9781849832038)
Simon & Schuster Ltd
review 1: Milly Johnson books are such a delightful read, that I seriously can't stop reading them. This book has not one but four main characters, who are all equally important in the story. I thought Gus sounded like a hunk though I am easily swayed by a man who loves his food and is a good cook. All the characters feel like normal people who are going through personal issues and Milly manages to bring happiness into their lives. Another easy, warming read. I am already looking forward to the next book on my list
review 2: I found I was really enjoying this book until half way into the read when it became annoying as characters who had previously disliked each other suddenly became affectionate towards one another. Yep just like that. I also found one of the male leads
... more equally irksome as he mooned over his sisters friend and dithered how to express his feelings for her throughout most of this novel. Not till the final chapter do we know the expected outcome which was brief in the telling actually. The epilogue which completed the story was cute and deserved a chapter to itself unfortunatly it was short and felt rushed. My opinion of the writing is that what was brief should have been expanded and that which was long should have been brief. less
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A decent beach read but little else to it. Not a book of much substance. Just your usual chick lit
only read half way through just couldn't get into it.
Just brilliant
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