Now that I’ve Found You 2 (Chapters 5 – 9)


We get to know Vinnie a little better. The reason why he is raising his children alone is because his wife left and went to live with her widowed father in Nerja. It seems that Paula has been having mental problems since she had Kerry. The doctor diagnosed postnatal depression, and this isn’t the last time that Paula left. Vinnie trusted that she would return like on the other occasions when she claimed she needed some days away. Yet, this time she hasn’t returned, and it has been over a year. Her flit is causing havoc in the family. Finn starting to wet his bed, and Kerry is having disciplinary problems at school. The last time she painted two women naked on the wall of the bike shed, which meant she was suspended for two days. And I can imagine that Vinnie had his panic attack because of everything that he has to put up with. I find Kerry quite unsympathetic; her attitude shows that she scorns her father, and I think she should be more understanding and thankful for everything Vinnie is doing for her. I think it was a mistake of Vinnie and his mother to hide what happened from the children. They need to know that Vinnie is having health problems.

As for Ellen Woods, we still don’t know much. In her letters to her husband, we learn that she caught him with a younger woman, but she knows that there were others. She mentions that the woman in question was Carol, the receptionist in their clinic, and this is meanigful because Kenny, Vinnie’s friend, is soon having a date with a woman called Carol, who is a receptionist at a doctor’s surgery. I wonder what this common element will mean for both Ellen and Vinnie.

I think Vinnie is quite sweet. After returning to work, Janine, the taxi dispatcher, tells him that he should buy Ellen something for her help when he got sick. So he buys flowers and takes them to her apartment. As they talk through the intercom, Vinnie stumbles nervously and can barely get his words out. So sweet. I know that there is nothing romantic – at least so far – between Vinnie and Ellen, but I think this scene makes him look so lovely.

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