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Secrets Of Harmony Grove (2010)

by Mindy Starns Clark(Favorite Author)
3.94 of 5 Votes: 2
0736926259 (ISBN13: 9780736926256)
Harvest House Publishers
review 1: As a mystery story I'd probably give this book 4 stars. While it wasn't so compelling I couldn't put it down, it did keep my interest right to the end and all the mysteries are revealed in a satisfactory manner.As a Christian read I felt it was disappointing. Sienna suffered a significant trauma in her youth and as a result felt that God had let her down and that she could only really depend on herself. She never gets past that. Even at the end of the book when she is resolved to renew her relationship with God she doesn't trust herself to God instead she depends on accountability to Christian friends and family around her. The result is that the choices she makes feel unlikely and unsustainable which left me with a somewhat dissatisfied feeling.
review 2: Ano
... morether enjoyable book by Mindy Starns Clark. I've enjoyed Whispers of the Bayou and Shadows of Lancaster County and I'd say this one is right in line with those. Good stories, with a bit of an outlandish line of story telling that is fairly enjoyable, and keeps you guessing because it's not so normal and straight-forward. This one as well. It's set in Amish country, but not about the Amish at all. It's as much about the Jews in the Holocaust as it is the Amish. I enjoyed it and look forward to more books from this author :) less
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REALLY good mystery. Good blend of: scary/creepy, suspence, adventure, and a touch of romance. :)
finally a great mystery that doesn't use bad language, gore or sex to solve the case
A good mystery, but LOADED with religious moralizing.
Fun little Christian mystery.
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