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Front Page Affair (2011)

by Mira Lyn Kelly(Favorite Author)
3.59 of 5 Votes: 2
0373528000 (ISBN13: 9780373528004)
One Night at a Wedding
review 1: Scroll down to read Ridley's review, because that pretty much covers my thoughts on this one. If you can roll with the set-up, which is pretty thin (why the hero doesn't want the paparazzi sniffing around his past, especially when he didn't do ANYTHING wrong is beyond me - but whatever). The heart of the story, which features one of my faves - the friends to lovers theme - is really a very good one, and very touching. I liked that Payton and Nate shared a history, were comfortable with each other, and shared some nice, sexy sizzle. Also, some very well-played emotional scenes at the end. A very solid Presents.
review 2: Daha önce yazarın kitabı yayınlandı mı bilmiyorum ama ben ilk defa okudum. Klasik beyaz dizi konularından birini ele almış. İki
... moreeleştirim var yalnızca, onlar da kitabın asıl konusunu oluşturan, Nate'in Payton ile sevgili görünme isteğinden biraz uzaklaşmış olmaları ve sonunun çok çabuk bağlanması. Yine de diğer kitaplara nazaran daha ılıman yaklaşması hoşuma gitti :D less
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The hero started out as a selfish clueless ass but redeemed himself in the end!
Such a charming, romantic read. Sensual and titillating. Loved it.
It was an okay-fast-read type book, nothing i would read again
Oh I love the cheese! This was a fun book.
Miniseries: One Night at a Wedding
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