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The Dangerous Viscount (2010)

by Miranda Neville(Favorite Author)
3.66 of 5 Votes: 2
0061808725 (ISBN13: 9780061808722)
The Burgundy Club
review 1: While very well written, and I found it hard to put down.. I can't bring myself to love this book.The Hero, Sebastian, is just waaay to much of a meanie. The author gets away with it by the supporting characters giving him their support.A mean Hero is alright if the Heroine is up to the task; but I couldn't sympathise with her, and she gets over her problems in a "Oh, I suppose it's not an issue anymore" kind of way which is unsatisfying in terms of conflict resolution.But also, the secondary character(s) were much more loveable.The Heroine's sister was a delight to read.Still, I'm glad to see what the author wrote a Hero like the one in this book; quite atypical from the stock-standard Hero of the romance novel. (Although still totally-handsome, muscly and powerful, good ... moreat everything he does except-the-emotional-stuff).Worth noting that neither Hero / Heroine are correct or righteous in all things, with a lot of the identity-still-rooted-in childhood.It may be that I recall the book fondly, but not at the moment.
review 2: I love Miranda Neville! This continuation of the Burgundy Club series has Sebastian Iverley, an under appreciated bespecked but not bespoked playing mind games with Diana, Lady Fanshawe who is described as not beautiful but one of the most desirable women of the Ton. Her family is hilariously eccentric, I just adored them.Miranda's writing is humorous and light, case in point the Sacred Rod of Chastisement! Wtf is that?!?! I found this book to be more sexy and without the mystery of the first. Of course Tarquin, Juliana and Cain make their appearances as well as Minerva, Diana's younger sister who deserves her own book.Bumped up to 4.5 stars.... Had to do a quick re read as I had forgotten parts of the story before I read the next one in the series. Thoroughly enjoyed it again. MN writes elegantly and effortlessly..... Another author might write " She looked hot" but MN would write something akin to “As usual she epitomized a sleek, opulent femininity that couldn’t have presented a greater contrast to her surroundings.” I really love Sebastian, he's such a wonderful beta. less
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Really enjoyed this one. Loved the inexperienced, bookish, socially awkward hero. So adorable!
sometimes dull, sometimes funny, sometimes good.
A 2 1/2 stars
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