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All My Puny Sorrows (2014)

by Miriam Toews(Favorite Author)
4.67 of 5 Votes: 3
0345808002 (ISBN13: 9780345808004)
Knopf Canada
review 1: "Go into hard things quickly, eagerly, then retreat. It's the same for thinking, writing, and life." Oh how I loved this book. It might be my favorite of 2014. So sad and beautiful yet downright hilarious. Some of the best writing I've encountered...ever. Many times, throughout the book, I stopped to appreciate or reread a sentence and that is not something I typically do. Beautiful rumination on family and sisterhood and mother-daughter relationships and life. Even death. Very dark and I can see how some would not like this. But a huge winner for me.
review 2: Confession: I read lots of looney bin novels. This one is stupendous! As anyone with a family history of mental illness knows, our sporadically ill loved ones can also be witty, sarcastically optimistic,
... more and still determined to die at a moments notice. The sense of humor expressed in AMPS is spot on. Hornsby did it also, but not like this. The book hit home for me on many levels, but mostly it made me joyful. Strange? Well, maybe I am. less
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Simply brilliant. Reading this book is an emotional journey.
Toews' best book and that's saying a lot.
This book is BEAUTIFUL.
This book was amazing.
EW 11/23
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