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Kamikaze (2008)

by Moira Rogers(Favorite Author)
3.62 of 5 Votes: 3
160521048X (ISBN13: 9781605210483)
Changeling Press
Last Call
review 1: This book will certainly raise the temperature in the room as you read it! It is a very short but exceedingly well written story with two characters that I immediately liked - being a nerd though I guess I have to like a 'geek', I think it's in the rules somewhere. My only complaint is that I wish this had gone on longer as I was really enjoying the interaction between Zoe and Connor, and not just between the sheets.On the basis of this book alone, I have just gone and got the Last Call First Bundle so that I've got three more stories to read. Recommended.
review 2: Another Kindle freebie pick-upSuper short and lemony read - seriously, there isn't much in here that goes beyond smexy times, so if that's what you're looking for, then you've found it! it certai
... morenly met my expectations - although, I would not have minded if it went on a little longer - the two characters were interesting and seemed to have fun ... then again, not sure where the conflict would have come from for a full book, so I guess this is good, as is less
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Interesting concept. I won't look at bar menus quite the same.
a good read. Lots of steam and the story line is great!!!
These two kids!! Adorable and hot!
Short and to the point.
Sexy short read
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