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A Storm Called Katrina (2011)

by Myron Uhlberg(Favorite Author)
3.94 of 5 Votes: 4
1561455911 (ISBN13: 9781561455911)
Peachtree Publishers
review 1: Louis and his family must evacuate their home when the levees break and flood waters engulf their neighborhood. Louis and his family flee their home, brass cornet in hand, and floating on a porch that was floating by, make their way to the Superdome. The conditions they find there are deplorable and when supplies begin to run out, Louis’ dad must leave his family in hopes to find a better situation for his family. Louis must be brave and find the courage to care for his family until his daddy comes back for them. This book gives incredible insight into the events that occurred on August 29, 2005 from the eyes of a child. The illustrations are reflective of the devastation that occurred that day while also reflecting the beauty of a town with a rich history and the pride ... moreof the people who inhabit it. The story is powerful enough to reflect the horror that ensued during that time yet handles the subject so delicately that children can empathize with the story without terrifying them
review 2: In A Storm Called Katrina, Myron Uhlberg describes the journey Louis and his family take to safety during hurricane Katrina. After floating on a makeshift raft the family joins thousands of others evacuated to the Super Dome. Uhlberg shows how when resources are limited, the crowed begins to get aggressive. When Louis's father cannot find the family after looking for food, Louis plays his horn in front of the whole Super Dome to reunite his family. The book offers a great peak into how such a disaster can be experienced and told through the eyes of a child. In addition to teaching about hurricane Katrina the book can also be put in a larger context of displaced communities and environmental education. less
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Hard not to tear up a little reading this.
Good art with a heart wrenching story.
just okay.
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