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Uneasy Lies The Crown, A Novel Of Owain Glyndwr (2012)

by N. Gemini Sasson(Favorite Author)
3.64 of 5 Votes: 2
193934400X (ISBN13: 9781939344007)
Cader Idris Press
review 1: If you're a fan of the author's other works, I think you'll enjoy this tale of Welsh freedom from England. I look for the same things in my historical fiction books that I look for in the fantasy books I read. I want a cast of characters that I grow to care for and a tale that brings me into another place and time. You get both of those with this story. Others will nit pick about the historical inaccuracies, but I'm reading strictly for entertainment. This goes in my list of books that I will reread in the future.
review 2: This book was really interesting - I didn't know anything really about Owain Glyndwr or Welsh history before I started reading but the book made me want to find out more about him and his role in the story of Wales. The book has a good
... moremixture of narrative and dialogue, and I was able to tell from the quality of the narrative that the author had done a lot of research. I liked the way the narrative rotated between third person and first person. less
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awesome book, I did not know anything about welsh history so it was interesting to learn it
I'm a fan of historical fiction and Welsh in my ancestry...so I enjoyed this book very much.
Great book for curing insomnia! Life is just too short to waste reading this book.
Wonderfully done
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