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De Tuin Van De Blinde (2013)

by Nadeem Aslam(Favorite Author)
3.86 of 5 Votes: 5
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review 1: I've waited a day to be able to write about The Bind Man's Garden. Haunting, disturbing, harrowing, impelling. I was stunned, it's true, not a book to say I 'enjoyed' but one which gave me insight and showed the suffering of others in war torn areas of Afghanistan. I was frightened to read on but such is the power of Aslam's writing that I couldn't stop: I had to know. I was there: in a terrorist attack, in a family home, a prison, in a battle, and heard the views of many involved; I felt the futility but also the love -- the only thing that shines through the dark. My heart was thumping for the characters. This book reduced me to tears and put me on my knees.
review 2: life is quite complicated for everyone...there are no heroes in this novel, only challengin
... moreg circumstances and reactions to them. War takes a toll on everyone, on either sides of the divide and on people not directly in the war zone either. It is writings like these, which bring out all the inglorious details of wars to the fore. Not too many people around the world are aware of the situation and environment in countries like Afghanistan and Pakistan, Nadeem Aslam's books are a good window to this world. less
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I couldn't finish it. Based on The Wasted Vigil, I just knew bad things were going to happen.
for some reason, could not get with this story. Gave up and did not finish it.
Beautiful. Raw. Perfect.
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