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Reluctant Protector (2011)

by Nana Malone(Favorite Author)
3.49 of 5 Votes: 3
Nana Malone
review 1: Fast paced and pretty spicy at times, this book was overall pretty good. I was surprised by the very explicit sex scenes, as that was certainly not why I had picked up the book. I was slightly disappointed in the characters, however, as they seemed a bit flat. Things were a bit rushed and I felt like things were jumping from one scene to another without fully resolving things from the previous scene. I enjoyed the idea of Cassie, the main character, being used to experiment with creating super weapons, but I felt that the super powers that her, Seth, and the others gained were at times a bit far fetched. It also seemed quite a bit out there that Seth would gain his powers by simply having sex with Cassie. The story line was mostly well formed, (but would have been better w... moreith more elaboration) and I will likely read the other books in the series, but I would like to get more from the characters than 'she was strong willed'.
review 2: This short, sci-fi piece is available for free from Amazon for the Kindle. The action begins almost immediately, and though there is some back story given throughout, events are not fully explained; the speed with which the plot moves is unbelievable, even for the genre. The explicit sex scenes arise suddenly, and not out of any defined developing romance. In short, this story lacked character depth and plot development -- it was a disappointment. less
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Nice story line but there could of been more depth to it.
Fun read - great for the beach.
Kindle free download 6/5/12.
Review to come shortly
good read
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