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Après La Chute (2014)

by Nancy Kress(Favorite Author)
3.48 of 5 Votes: 2
review 1: In general, I love Nancy Kress's books. She's one of my favorite authors. So it's possible I had unrealistically high expectations for this. I was disappointed. It came off as preachy, a bit, and the ending flopped for me. I didn't really see the point. I liked the bits with Pete in the future the best, and thought the bits with Julie in the present seemed forced. And I tired of the bacteria-multiplies/volcanoes-shift bits very early on. Not my favorite, but I was entertained enough to finish.
review 2: I recommend it even though it has flaws. It's decently paced for a double-threaded novel, and this despite the frequent information dumps; the latter's slowing effect is mitigated by the dumps being mini-narratives. I wasn't so thrilled with the end--partly beca
... moreuse [spoilers] it converted what was potentially SF into religious fantasy: Gaia to be specific. (Not that I'm against religious fantasy, I just like it introduced at the start of the tale.) In its idea that the Earth is self-correcting and has a guardian against human-abuse, and given that it is in part a disaster novel, this novella shared partial perspectives with Frank Schätzing's, "Der Schwarm." My other gripe is the bad science. The idea that there's an equilibrium Nature must swing back to is not supported by natural history. Life changes the planet: oxygen producers marginalized anaerobic species; snails nearly extincted the stromatolites; flowering plants pushed most of the conifers to the cold latitudes/ altitudes or to semi-arid places. Humans aren't unique in their terraforming capacity, just way faster at it. less
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It wasn't long enough, and I would have liked to know more. Despite that, I loved it.
Very enjoyable, a little too much fantasy - I needed a bit more science
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