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In The Dead Of Winter (2007)

by Nancy Mehl(Favorite Author)
3.94 of 5 Votes: 3
1597895229 (ISBN13: 9781597895224)
Heartsong Presents
Ivy Towers
review 1: A small, warm story for a wintery day. I'm not usually a fan of books about books (go figure), but what sells this one is the combination of the town of Winter Break, and the phenomenally fun protagonist. I so much enjoyed spending time with Ivy that it propelled me past the lapses in physics and crime scene whatnot and anatomy. She's just soothing to hang out with. I also enjoyed how much faith and Biblical references were included in the story. It never felt preachy so much as it seemed that, as an important part of Ivy's and Bitty's lives. Giving it any less weight or leaving it out wouldn't have been true to them.Of course, Ivy and Amos have the sexual chemistry of a box of oyster crackers, but I'm hoping that comes together in the next book.
review 2: Some
... more days you just need to curl up with a good cozy mystery, and this certainly fits the bill. Ivy Towers finds herself heading back to Winter Break, Kansas to make funeral arrangements for her aunt Bitty and to take care of Bitty's estate. Ivy is less then thrilled to be back in Winter Break - but it's not for reasons the reader might think. Winter Break is a town I wouldn't mind visiting. I'd love to taste one of Ruby's burgers or curl up with a book in the bookstore. In typical cozy fashion, I figured out "whodunit" long before the end of the book. However, I had a blast reading to find out if my prediction was correct. The only turn-off for me were the passages pertaining to God and the New Testament. I'm a spiritual person, and I believe in God. I just don't believe in organized religion. less
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A fun book to read. It was written well and kept my interest.
This was just okay. The story had no real substance.
new author, like her style and story content
read in 2008
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