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Island Girls (2013)

by Nancy Thayer(Favorite Author)
3.57 of 5 Votes: 4
0345528735 (ISBN13: 9780345528735)
Ballantine Books
review 1: It is probably unfair of me to review this, at all, since I could not bring myself to finish it. It is so obvious that the family was manipulated by an outrageous act. Jenny is so spoiled and self involved that she has no redeeming qualities, Arden and Meg are so damaged by their father's defection that this comes across as a poor caricature of a Cinderella tale, of sorts. The "plot" if one can call it that is an insult to any thinking reader. Evil stepmother, spoiled, entitled manipulative step-sister ugh. The family dynamics could have made for an interesting story, too bad that isn't what we got here.
review 2: This book really surprised me. Arden, Meg and Jenny have to spend 3 months in the family house on Nantucket. Arden, Meg and Jenny are sisters. The
... morey have the same father but different mothers. Arden and Meg and the biological children of their father Rory. Jenny is the adoptive sister.All three mother's were married to Rory at one point. Jenny's mother exiled Arden and Meg one summer and since then there has been a rift between the girls. This summer after the death of their father it is in their father's will that they will live together in the house for 3 months. It was a charming story. Seeing the girls grow and become closer and finding men for themselves. They have problems and arguments but really get to know each other. There are some twists that were surprising and add to the adventure. A great summer read. less
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I wanted at least one more summer book this year, and I got it.
Perfect lighthearted chick lit read with a happy ending.
I enjoyed this very much!! Chic Lit at its best.
It was a beach read - light, quick read.
Typical chick lit book
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