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Beachcombers (2010)

by Nancy Thayer(Favorite Author)
3.74 of 5 Votes: 5
0345518284 (ISBN13: 9780345518286)
Ballantine Books
review 1: Cheesy, corny, predictable but somewhat addictive. Once I got past the first couple of chapters I found myself looking forward to hearing more. You pretty much can figure out what is going to happen and almost groan with the cliched situations, descriptions and people but there is just something that sucks you in so that you want to know what happens. I enjoyed it for the lightness and ease. Would make a good holiday read
review 2: No matter how long I stuck with it I never found myself enjoying this book. Frankly, none of the main characters are really likeable- even though they try to be. I didn't feel as though there was any substance to them, and no real development. I agree with the other viewer who said things happen too suddenly that it's not a likely
... more story that you feel you can be in the midst of. From one chapter to the next the sisters are lonely and depressed, then all of them are deeply in love with someone they just met. The book jacket description sounded promising, but ultimately failed in engaging me. less
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This book was ok,despite all the whining.I wou;dn't read it again.
a soap opera with predictable ending but an easy holiday read
Not my cup of tea.... No point to the story.
Perfect summer read.
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