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Caçando Eichmann (2010)

by Neal Bascomb(Favorite Author)
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review 1: A Nazi war criminal who was responsible for the killings of the millions of the jews and the architect of the Holocaust escaped from Germany during the end of the World War 2. Couple of Nazi hunters continue the hunt for that murderer even after so many years to the end of WW2 but was impossible to find the location of this war criminal. Luckily, an info on the war criminal reaches the Israelis after 2 decades from a German official. Mossad forms a team , investigates on the leads, Nabs the criminal and illegally deports him from a foreign country.This 'Hunting Eichmann' is one of the brilliant real life thrillers you will ever read. From the post war escape , to the clues abt Eichmann, investigations on clues, failure to establish links, assembling the team, , Plotting ... morethe kidnap , execution of the plot and finally the trail of Eichmann the author has given a detailed description of the events which makes this book a brilliant read.
review 2: In 1960 my mother was asked to go back to the Memphis area from NC by her former boss Mr. Herzog. He wanted her to run his business while he and his wife went to Isreal for Eichmann 's trial. I was nine years old at the time and had no knowledge of WWII and the Holocaust. My mother said the Herzog family went to spit on Eichmann because all of their families had been killed in the camps. I couldn't understand why that was so important. It started me on a lifetime of reading all I could on the war and the people affected by a regime that wanted to run the world and be populated only with people they approved of. This story of the hunt and capture of a war criminal filled in years that dedicated agents and civilians gave of themselves to seek justice in a lawful manner. I only wish I had been old enough and aware enough to have talked to the Herzog's about their feelings at the trial when a guilty verdict was given. I think of them every time I read anything about the Holocaust and hope they felt some sense of justice for their fathers and mothers and siblings and their extended families. I hope everyone got a bit of peace and relief in bringing a killer to justice. It is unimaginable that there are people that are willing and able to do horrible things to their fellow human beings. The perseverance of the Israelis is the heart of this story. Knowledge is the power to never let this happen again. less
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An amazing story, told exceptionally well by Neil Bascomb. I couldn't put it down.
A page turning thriller, only TRUECan't recommend enough
All history should be this well written
Good, but not very exciting.
Spoiler: they find him.
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