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The Teleportation Accident (2012)

by Ned Beauman(Favorite Author)
3.46 of 5 Votes: 4
0340998423 (ISBN13: 9780340998427)
review 1: Reminded me of The Reluctant Fundamentalist in that the writer is deliberately showing off all his mastery of technique. Elaborately written and very witty. I especially enjoyed the merciless skewering of Brooklyn, oops Weimar, hipsters and barely veiled attacks on Eurotrash. The plot is entirely a Maguffin and that's just fine. Many of the books gleefully vicious moments had me laughing aloud.
review 2: This is a fantastic, cleverly written, entertaining book. Ned Beauman has written this delightfully irreverent and yet, serious novel with a protagonist that most writers could not make as likable as Beauman did. He's a suffering, sex-deprived German from Berlin, named Loeser...and he's a bit of a loser too. Every occurrence in the story as it jumps forwar
... mored by years and places, are relevant and will become clear. I was so sad when it had to end. less
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At the start, I hated this book and everyone in it. By the end, I was charmed. That's a good trick.
I try not to give up on books but I just could not get into this one. It didn't hook me.
I hope the author is less self-indulgent than the characters.
A weird read!
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