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Candy Shop (2012)

by Nicety(Favorite Author)
4.24 of 5 Votes: 3
Black Cherry Publishing
review 1: I love Nicety's work so much!! I hope she never gets boredd with writing. All of her books have their own little twists and they are the always grasp your attention from the beginning and won't let you go until the sequel. She keeps her reads intrigued with what will happen next. Weather there is another part to the story or not, you will want to know what the characters will be doing after the story is over. All of the characters in her books have the ability to branchout and take on their own stories. Candy Shop was no different from all her other books, INTERESTING!! I don't want to give away any spoilers, but this book was a 5 star banger at it's best!! Candy Shop is a must read, and if you hadn't read it or any other Nicety books for that matter, then you are sleeping... more on some good stuff. So go ahead and one click you some Candy Shop and learn about Big Meech AKA Messiah and Redina AKA Red and find out how their lives both change dramatically after reconnecting after all these years! Will it be a mistake or start of a love affair?
review 2: This was my first book reading from the author Nicety, and i started the book last night and just finished it a little while ago. The book is a quick read and pulls you in from the very beginning. You get to met the main character Red and can only feel sorry for her and she goes through so much in this book, from living on the streets and having to grow up faster than she needed to. Red has developed such a hard exterior because of her hard life on the streets, and the things that she does to survive. I was happy when she caught up with Messiah and he was willing to give his old friend a break so that she wouldnt have to continue to be on the streets. Reading about Red and Messiah you just grow to love the connection between the two of them, and you read it wondering when they will realize it. Though the book is titled the Candy Shop nothing is sweet about this book, its not all glits and glamour. It shows a side of the game that can be sweet when your making money, but when jealously is the minds of others things can go from sweet to sour in a matter of minutes. Zadie is also a character who comes in and lets her love of money cloud her judgement a she comes up with this crazy plan, read to see if she gets away with it or if she has to pay the price. The author did a really good job showing all the characters in their own element its like you got to know who there were as you read it. I thought that the editing in the beginning of the book was really good it was great but towards the end there were small minor errors in terms of the incorrect tense or word being used, but it didnt take away too much from the story. Other than that I cant wait for part 2 and I hope I dont have to wait too long to find out whats going to happen next!! less
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Had many errors and just ended. Story line was good but I needed more at the end.
This book had me wonting more. Can't wait to see what in store later on
Love this book. I want more. I want to know what happens next.
Good book
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