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Der Himmel über Greene Harbor (2013)

by Nick Dybek(Favorite Author)
3.66 of 5 Votes: 2
review 1: Nick Dybek's debut novel, a coming of age story in which a young boy must come to terms with the tough choices both his parents have made by making some of his own, is filled with beautiful sentences, enchanting details, and compelling characters. In remembering the stories his father made up about Treasure Island's Captain Flint before he became a pirate, the novel's narrator learns about how easily we lose innocence and the slow process by which we become not evil, or even bad necessarily, but less good.
review 2: An intense read that draws you into a small pacific northwest fishing community, initially engaging your sympathy with the main characters but then spending the story eroding it away in am insidious way. Trapped by their first actions members of the
... more community appear set on a journey on no return when in fact there were points where the story could have turned out differently and the author explored these in detail before pulling away from perhaps the "happier" endings. It appeared as an episode from the main narrator's life rather than there being any particular closure for him, and one wonders how he continued to deal with personal repercussions? less
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I like it so far -- this guy is a good writer and the world he evokes is very full
Slow at times, but overall well written & suspenseful.
Good read..full of suspense.
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